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"Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food."

Coaching may be done locally
in person or nationally and
internationally by telephone or Skype.

"A mentor empowers a person
to see a possible future
and believe it can be obtained ."
~S. Hitchcock

Holistic Health & Integrative Nutrition

Holistic Health And Integrative Nutrition Coaching is designed to identify root causes of problems and provide solutions. Nutrition is of fundemental importance and is the foundation upon which your body runs. Nutrition determines if your body has the raw materials it needs to thrive or not. The goal is to create vibrant health with natural healing through personalized lifestyle plans that will help you find your way in the world of contradictory advice and do what is best for you. Your unique program will facilitate optimal functioning throughout all aspects of your life and promote anti-aging, longevity, stress reduction and appropriate body weight.

Parenting & Children's Nutrition

Parenting & Children’s Nutrition Coaching helps you be the parent you want to be by helping you through the tough spots.

Childhood is the time of developing minds, bodies, and self images, parenting and nutrition do impact that development. Parenting and Children’s Nutrition Coaching can provide the knowledge and support needed to maximize the positive development of Mind, Body, Spirit in your child.


Spiritual Coaching works with your own beliefs encouraging you to expand your consciousness and develop awareness to guide your decision making and actions. Spirit is the life source within all living things that acts as a power center that lights the way and gives direction and meaning. Spiritual coaching is designed to facilitate the connection to spirit that will allow you to live life from a higher state of being.