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 In Life in a Nutshell

Life In a Nutshell: Simple wisdoms for connecting to self and spirit

Hi!  We hope you haven’t gotten out of the habit of checking in to see what we’re up to while we’ve been away.  We have been lost in the great domain in the sky but we’re back and alive and well.

MindbodyArizona has relocated offices to:  8040 Morgan Trail , Suite 10 b, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258, Telephone: 480-459-1050, and we have been busily working to create an environment that both soothes and heals. We invite you to call and visit with us about your concerns – we can help.

It is going on 6 months since our move from Omaha to Arizona and it has been quite  the adventure! We must have needed a refresher lesson in ” be patient ” and  “wait and see”  because we have had occasion to do both! But, as is often the case, doing both of those usually results in a less stressful process and more successful outcome.
Glad to be here!