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Today’s focus on MINDBODY:  The brain runs on sugar, the simple sugar glucose which is what carbohydrates turn into. FRUCTOSE however is a whole other story.  A horror story actually considering how much fructose is poured into the American food supply. FRUCTOSE is metabolized by the liver in a process that increases the production of triglycerides-much like a high fat diet. these triglycerides create fatty liver disease.  They also get pumped into the blood stream creating a risk for heart disease.  When they finally make their way to the brain they contribute to cognitive deficits.

A high fructose diet impairs memory,creates difficulty in the ability of brain cells to transmit from one neuron to the next.  It also contributes to insulin resistance which in turn contributes to the brain creating increased levels of the protein responsible for the brain plaques found in Alzheimer;s disease.  It also contributes to deficits in insulin signaling in the brain which in turn may foster the development of depression.

REALLY F.D.A.!!! High fructose syrup in our food supply is safe???