• Working with Colene has changed my life. I no longer live with daily, chronic fibromyalgia pain. I have learned how to listen to my body and respect it. Colene can read my body and energy needs so well that I never wanted to go more than a week between sessions. She is a dynamic, skilled practitioner and a delightful person to spend time with. She has helped me to reach lifelong goals by helping me clear energy blocks I had put in my own way. I will always be grateful for her influence on my life.

    Shelly Nosbisch
  • Colene and myofascial release have improved my overall health and addressed specific issues such as pain from a broken neck. I got the sense that Colene really cared about my health and well being. I have never had any kind of doctor make me feel this way. Colene is a warm and personable person and extremely talented. She gives her clients focused attention and support. 
    Omaha misses her and so do I.

    Bunny Buss
  • Dr. Georgia is an amazing therapist. Her common-sense no-nonsense attitude, combined with an incredible ability to listen and tune in on my whole being has helped me to overcome a history of child abuse and to function at a higher level than I ever thought was possible. She gets my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to overcome internal obstacles to success and inner peace.

  • I knew I needed help! I was stressed,anxious struggling with Breast Cancer and the effects of chemo. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Colene. That was 6 years ago and I credit Colene with helping me survive the many changes I was going through. During my sessions with Colene I am always amazed at the level of total relaxation I feel. I am able to block any internal or external pressures I may be feeling when I walk in. If you have never tried Reiki and are sceptical or apprehensive like I was, do yourself a favor and experience Reiki with Colene. Truly it is life changing. I cannot say enough good things. I wish everyone had a Colene in his/her life.
    I will always be grateful to Colene, she is a gentle compassionate person who genuinely cares for the well being of her clients.

    Barbara H
  • Colene is a caring, enthusiastic, highly skilled practitioner. She thas treated me for over six years and the healing work she's done has been one of my main supports through one of the most difficult periods of my life. The Reiki treatments I recieved from Colene gave me a deep sense of peace and helped me realign my attitude. Those energy healings provided support for me to develop the inner strength to manage buried emotions as they emerged and to face current struggles with grace. Through reflexology and positional release, I received relief from stress-induced ailments and I recovered quickly from sports injuries. I highly recommend her to anyone. She excels at various modes of healing, from the simplest massage to deeper energy work.

    Patrick Bartmess
  • I have been going to Colene for many years. The impact of her use of various healing modalities on my body has literally made me a happier and healthier person. Her techniques have helped my body heal itself physically and energetically. I feel healthy all the time and my overall wellbeing is off the charts! My spirituality and connection with God is greatly improved due to my great health as well as the energetic balance and alignment within my body. She has literally helped me to become a better version of myself! Colene has extensive knowledge about multiple healing modalities which, when used together to combat various issues, have an amazing effect. She really listens to her clients and is able to customize her services to fit your every need. Her various bodywork techniques, reiki and reflexology are excellent! She is kind, caring, compassionate and a highly skilled professional. She truly loves helping others. Colene is fabulous and I would highly recommend her to everyone!

  • My right shoulder started bothering me about six years ago because of arthritis. Instead of seeing adoctor, I just lived with the minor pain. As time went on, my range of motion decresed slowly but steadily, and the minor pain became major. I saw an orthopedic specialist who started giving me cortisone shots, which were helpful for a time but not in the long term. He then suggested minor surgery. To his credit, he made no promises but said that perhaps "cleaning out the joint" would help relieve the pain. He also suggested a shoulder replacement.

    So I had the minor surgery. My minor surgery was slow, painful,and unsuccessful. I went to physical therapy for months and each appointment felt like torture. When my insurance ran out, my therapist told me I was fine and released me. I had no idea what to do next and was telling someone that I thought I'd have to go to a pain management physician. She suggested that it might be helped by Colene Doucette.

    I hadn't been able to sleep on my right side for over five years, and after my second appointment with Colene, I slept on my right side. I was amazed. Colene was gentle and my progress was steady. I realize now that my physical therapist wanted results much too quickly; therefore, inflammation and the resulting pain kept being a huge problem. Because of my bad experienced in physical therapy, I also had a terrible time relaxing the muscles when they were being stretched. Colene's use of Reiki helped me relax enough that I could actually make some progress.

    Overall, I think my surgeon and phyysical therapist saw me as a shoulder; Colene sees me as a person whose needs may change from appointment to appointment. She incorporates different modalities when appropriate, and I never feel that she is following some agenda she uses with all clients. I'm convinced that Colene has saved me from a lifetime of chronic pain, and I am grateful.

    Marsha Kruger

Helping with Kids

  • My 12 year old daughter was suffering from severe menstrual cramps and profuse bleeding. The gynecologist's only solution was to put her on birth control pills. When I asked when she could stop taking them, the doctor's answer was "Probably never". 

    Thanks to Colene's combination of reflexology, Reiki and other healing modalities, and work with an herbalist, my daughter stopped taking the Pill after less than 6 months. Now she has healthy, normal cycles, and an overall sense of health and well-being. We are so grateful to Colene and her healing energy!

  • My 11 year old daughter was having some trouble getting through some hurtful situations at school. Colene helped her release her anger, fears, and sadness -- and she loved how Colene helped her feel better physically. Colene creates a safe place for her clients. I knew that my child was in good hands.